Great Tools to Check Your Website

By | March 31, 2021

Nothing beats a surprise Google algorithm upgrade to have advertisers feeling both puzzled and worried. It seems to be that search engines such as Google prepare for you to have all of your ducks in order before unleashing an upgrade that renders your attempts redundant. ADA compliance is a great tool to check your website. This checker is a one-stop platform for prompt insights into a website.

Furthermore, there is also some mystery surrounding how Google tests websites and decides which pages appear.  The great news is that there seem to be a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) resources available — others free, some paying — that can assist you in viewing your website in the manner that search engines such as Google see it, allowing you to increase your rating and popularity with specific target keywords.

Ada Compliance Professional

This checker is beneficial. Marketing companies use their company’s website to attract traffic as well as qualified leads. That is why advertisers must realize just what they should do to boost the effect and SEO.

Place the URL of your website into the website, after which you will have a Report Card with advanced analytics regarding your SEO activities. From there, you can also sign up for their Optimization course, which will allow you to improve the SEO of your website and the user experience (UX) you can provide.

Google Search Console

Domain Search Central (previously known as Google Webmasters) provides an array of skills to assist you in featuring in the SERPs for the search words and phrases that the target audience is searching for.

If you are a company owner or marketing company, Search Central recommends utilizing Google Search Console to assist with SEO and website research. Google Search Console keeps track of, debugs, as well as optimizes the website.

Google Analytics

While Google Analytics has a paid version, its free version will enable you to manage your website’s SEO — particularly if you combine Google Analytics and Google Search Console. As a result, most of the website’s SEO data will be centralized and stored, and you will be able to use inquiries to find places for change for the keywords and key phrases that you desire the website to rank towards.

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas is an SEO-focused organization that offers a range of free resources for comparing your website to the competition, optimizing web pages for specific keywords, creating meta tags, and increasing search engine rankings.

Bing Webmaster

Microsoft Bing Webmaster provides you with access to a wide variety of resources that provide visibility throughout your website, including monitoring, diagnostic, and SEO tools. These same free SEO tools will help you evaluate your website, maintain backlinks, and check keywords to guarantee your content is very well-designed for organic search.


Seolyzer is a free site crawling, log analysis and SEO application that helps you evaluate search engines such as Google interpret your website. Seolyzer uses details left in the server’s log files by crawling bots when visiting your site to recognize and build SEO KPIs. Also, the tool detects error codes, reroutes, as well as site performance.