5 Ways on How to Post a Link on Instagram

By | January 4, 2022

Instagram does not have the option to include links in posts or to include links in the captions of posts. However, some workarounds allow you to add links to Instagram posts. Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinked URLs. However, there are creative workarounds, most notably third-party websites. In this article, we’ll teach you how to add links to Instagram posts in various methods.

1. Add a Link to Your Bio

Adding a link to your Instagram profile is the easiest (and most essential) method of doing so. Go into your Instagram account and choose Edit Profile. When you’re done, touch the checkmark to save your new URL in the Website area. Any link that is put here will be linked to. As a result, consumers may press the link and be sent directly to the website. When you publish anything on Instagram, you may use the description to direct people to your profile so they can see the link.

2. Use a URL Shortener in the Caption

URL shorteners may assist in addressing the issue of lengthy and difficult-to-remember URLs. URL shorteners like Bitly may help make a link more memorable. Your followers will be more likely to click through if you provide a quick link in the captions of your Instagram posts, as links in captions aren’t hyperlinked. A URL may be shortened on the Bitly webpage without having to create an account.

3. Create a Link Landing Page

Use a link landing page service rather than connecting to a new URL every time. These are a series of links and thumbnails on a customizable page. Campsite and Linktree are two examples of these services. To use these services, you’ll obtain a unique URL that you can paste into your Instagram bio. On these pages, you are free to list anything you choose. The profile photo, bio, theme, and more may all be customized to match your Instagram page’s identity. Make sure you include thumbnails of the links you’re sharing on Instagram since it’ll help people find the content they’re looking for more quickly. Free plans are available, but you may discover that they meet your requirements just fine.

4. Mirror Your Instagram to Link Posts

It’s also possible to employ a service that allows you to customize your link landing page just like your Instagram page. By doing this, your Instagram followers will be sent to a page that appears just like your Instagram page, except that they will click on links in the posts. Metricool is an example of a service that does this. Among its many useful features is connecting individual Instagram posts to other websites. A premium subscription is required to take benefit of this function, but it’s well worth the investment. To link your Instagram account to Metricool, click the Planning icon in the menu and choose the Instagram Link option from the list. The functionality may be thoroughly tested here. A stream of your Instagram photos will appear. This picture may be linked by clicking the red hyperlink icon.

5. Share a Link in Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to share links, even if you can’t add a link to an Instagram post. Instagram Stories may be used in various ways, and one of those methods is to embed links. On the other hand, adding links is only accessible to verified users or those with more than 10,000 followers. There are specific workarounds if you don’t meet any of these requirements. The downside is that they aren’t the most visually appealing of designs. The easiest way to include a link is to type it in. If you do not know how to find your Instagram URL, follow the link and read this useful article.