Ways to Expand Your Audience on TikTok

By | July 28, 2022

TikTok is an app that is known for its viral videos and the use of emojis. The platform has a wide variety of users, so it’s almost as popular as Instagram. If you are going to take the most out of TikTok and develop your brand on the app, you should think over the strategies to boost your following.

Here are some ways to expand your audience on TikTok.

Make Sure That Your Profile Picture Is Welcoming


One way to grow your audience on TikTok is by using an organic TikTok growth service to make your content go viral. However, there are other effective methods to expand your following.

You will already be aware of this because you have been using other social media accounts to broaden the reach of your business. Your content will garner more attention if your profile image conveys an air of friendliness and approachability.

TikTok is the only platform that allows users to upload videos, so taking advantage of this feature will make your content even more appealing to users.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete

Another piece of advice that you can easily adapt from several other social media platforms is this one. Your profile description is more likely to be considered relevant, short, and enticing to users if they remain on your site for longer.

Be specific about what you wish to convey to the audience, and make an effort to be as original as possible.

Checking through the profiles of influential people you look up to is another thing we advocate doing so that you can gain knowledge from what they are doing. There is no downside to utilizing a call to action, which motivates others to look at your content. At this time, you cannot include a link; however, we anticipate this will change at some point in the future.

Know Your Target Audience

If you’d want to see a rise in your social media following, the first step is to figure out who you’re trying to target with your content and then create content that those people would appreciate. TikTok has a variety of ways for you to grow your audience.

As a starting point, you should have a look at some of your competitors and industry influencers. Do you know what kind of content they’re posting? Draw inspiration for your own innovative concepts from the most popular videos.

Next, take a look at the variety of content you’ve been putting out there recently in your feeds. Despite the fact that the content you upload to TikTok is likely to differ greatly from one another, you can still find common trends and content types or concepts that you know will do well.

Pay Close Attention to the Current Trends

TikTok puts a lot of focus on being up-to-date with the most recent trends. Many of the videos on this site share the same music clip or have similar outlines, which you may have noticed while browsing the site previously. This is probably due to the fact that videos of this nature are currently trending on the internet. Put in the effort to create a video similar to this one that is relevant to your brand and takes advantage of current TikTok trends to do so.

Go to your app’s explore tab to discover what hashtags, and sound clips are currently popular in the app’s community to gain ideas for content you may use on your feed.

Use Hashtags

For many social media sites, hashtags are the latest and greatest trend since they make it easy for users to find information that is relevant to their personal preferences and interests. With the right combination of branded, current trending, relevant to your business, and generic hashtags, you can boost the size of your TikTok audience.


TikTok is a social media platform that has been gaining traction for the past few years. It is the go-to platform for teens and young adults. Companies are increasingly turning to TikTok as their main marketing channel and advertising medium. You need to create good content to get new people to your channel.