Making Money with OnlyFans: How to Hit the Jackpot

By | July 16, 2021

Considering how successful the platform has been over the past two years, every content creator is wondering how to make money on OnlyFans. But such success has not been isolated to just this one platform. Webcamming and streaming platforms have seen a rise in users thanks to a large percentage of the world is under lockdown.

So, are you out there and are looking into how to make huge amounts of revenue? You are reading the right article.

So, how much can one make?

This is the all-important question for any content creator or user looking to branch into OnlyFans. To give you context of how much you can earn, we suggest you google the exploits of one Jem Wolfie written by the New York Times. The female model only charges a subscription of about $10 a month to her 10,000 subscribers.

Have you done the math already? The OnlyFans user is taking home approximately $100,000 per month. Multiply that by 12 and you have over a million dollars per year. That statement got your attention, didn’t it? Such earnings are also within your reach.

Let’s get into some tips of the trade that will help you bring some Benjamins home.

Creating a following

This is one of the most basic tips that a content creator will give you and it still applies to OnlyFans. You are not operating within a vacuum. In any niche that you choose on OnlyFans, you are bound to have competitors and market leaders. While the platform is receiving an increasing number of new users every day, the target market and the amount of money to be spent are limited.

To make significant money, you need to break through this barrier and give your audience a reason to subscribe to your account.

Frequency of content

OnlyFans content mainly is available in two formats: video and photos. To build that much-needed fan base, you have to consistently have content on your account. So, post one or two pictures a day. You can also do a small teaser video with a link to the main video (which will contain a subscription or tip).

In addition, the content that you provide must be linked to what the people want. Before posting content on your page, do some research to ascertain what does your target market wants.


You must have made the connection between subscriptions and getting serious cash from OnlyFans. If you look at most users, they have set up their accounts to be billed every month to the accounts that they love and watch. Therefore, getting the loyalty of your fans is a very important part of it.

A tip that we offer to most content creators is not to charge too high a subscription. Look at Jem Wolfie’s rate. Just $10. However, she can bring in serious money every month. Don’t chase away potential clients by overcharging them.